Company Profile:
Gun Ticaret which has started business life by trading paint, hardboard and glue has stepped into the diaper sector in 2004 with the name of Yenigun Diaper in Adana as one of the first diaper producers in the region. Our company has gain the respect of Turkish and national companies’. Yenigun Diaper is moving forward to be the pioneer Turkish company about technology and quality of diaper sector with aware of their responsibilities to their employees, to the community and of course to the environment. Our most important principle is to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers by the help of our responsible, effectively managed employees which are well equipped with communication and educational skills. Saving the world and environment, reducing the waste at the source, reducing the risks and recycling is our most important duty and sharing the informations about our precautions regarding these activities with all our customers, employees and suppliers is highly important for us. In all phases, proffesionals are in charge of production for the highest benefits to provide you the healthy, hygienic, high quality and reliable products.

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Established Date: 2004  Tax Office: Yüreğir  Tax Number: 9490333734  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Hafi CELIK